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Don't buy - swap!
WSFA 12News/Montgomery AL - 2/15/2010 by Ma

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Jennifer barker home schools her two daughters in montgomery. But she doesn't go out and buy textbooks. She gets them for free.

"You send one out to someone. Then someone sends one to you," she said.

Jennifer swaps her books on the Internet. She uses

"You post books that you're willing to trade, then someone requests them and you send it out to them," she explained. "And all you pay shipping."

When the other party receive the book, you get a credit, which allows you to buy a new book of your own. The sites have millions available, from science fiction and mysteries to autobiographies and children's books.

Jennifer says, "I love to read and free books is wonderful."

But it's not just books available. These sites also allow you to swap CDs and DVDs, which can save you even more.

In fact, claims to have saved its users more than $17 million. Jennifer alone has saved nearly $1,400 in the time she's been a member of the site.

"If you went out and bought a new hardback book for $25, you could find it on their web site and get it for 2 or 3 dollars of shipping! It' a very good deal, she said.

And to get you started, most of the swapping web sites offer free credits just for signing up.