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Here are real testimonials from some of our club members. If you like what we are doing in general or maybe you consider a certain feature to be a miniature "stroke of genius" :), please take a moment to let us know about it. Hey, we like to read these testimonials and we can then publish them for prospective members to read as well. (More CDs! More CDs!)

Or maybe you'd like to express your appreciation for the kind or thoughtful actions of fellow members? We hear about them quite often in feedback and it always makes our day, so please, share it with the world!
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"I've been a member since, I think, 2009, and I absolutely love this site and its sister sites. I've gotten loads of albums and singles from my wish list and can easily get credits for most anything I post. I've saved A LOT of money over the years! Another great feature is that credits are transferable between the three sites. I encourage all music junkies to join. :-)"
SV S. (Sphinx)
"A friend of mine recommended PBS to me in 2009. I have had a great experience with that site, but I have a much more active transaction history with SwapaCD. The system is very efficient and easy to use, and the few problems I have had have been rectified quickly and to my complete satisfaction. I especially enjoy the ease with which the two sites can be used interchangeably, as in transferring credits from one account to the other. It is always fun when something from my wish list turns up. Thanks!"
Kelli M. from GREENSBURG, PA
"My wife knew I was serious about moving cross country 12 years ago when I sold my album collection- heavy and hard to move, and I had everything recorded on cassette. With downloads becoming more popular, stores are carrying less and less CDs. Now I have a chance to replace (and add to) those rare and hard to find recordings! I used to spend hours in record shops browsing for lost treasures- Thanks to SwapaCD I feel like I'm doing that again!"
Michelle F. (alycat)
"With the economy being what it is today, record stores aren't taking chances with many trades...they no longer take obscurities or even indie bands in some cases. SwapaCD allows me to find good homes for worthy discs, instead of letting them gather dust in the wrong shop, unappreciated. Thank you so much for having this forum for us to trade by. It's been a pleasure."
Jennifer C. (jennyflex8) from KNOXVILLE, TN
"I am so glad there is a book, cd, and dvd swap club that is reliable! I love all three sites!"
Holly H. (GothicBBW) from CATAWBA, SC
"You can't beat the price involved in swapping Cds on this site. And the selection is awesome!"
Jim P. (Guitarmusiclover11) from BRUCE, WI
"I love this club and think it is wonderful for people to be able to exchange music like this... I tell everyone about it... that it is free to join, the cost is minimal and just the fun they can have searching for music they would like to add to their libraries... Plus the very interesting people they can meet, if they care to say more than "Thanks" upon receiving their music....
Thanks again,for having this wonderful site!!!"

Celia W. from HAMPSTEAD, NH
"joined about this time last year, and LOVE this site. I have gotten many of the cds that I have wanted for years with the wishlist. If you look at my wishlist now, I have over 1000 cds on it! I have also ordered posted cds, and given as gifts. I will be on here for another year, and hopefully get a hundred more cds I want."
Bridget S. (Vassar) from PLYMOUTH, IN
"I joined later tonight, posted 20 CDs for trade and within less then an hour and a half 11 CDs of mine were traded to other members!!!
Absoultely amazing."

Jack F. (LeftyFenderJazz) from STATEN ISLAND, NY
"I joined the SwapaCD site several weeks ago and have enjoyed every moment. The website is easy to navigate and I can't believe how cheap or easy it is to send a disk out. I have posted lots of disks I no longer listen to and have gotten ones I have craved in return. Thank you to who ever came up with this concept."
"I am a new member. And the second CD that was sent to me had a crack in it (dang USPS!)
I emailed SwapaCD and the sender.
And I must say I have NEVER had the prompt response and quick resolution on any other website that I had here.
Thanks good people!
This is a community I am happy to be a part of!"

Randall H. (sagg) from MEDFORD, OR
"What a great site this is.
I recommend clicking on the "community" link above to read all the testimonals, everything said has been true in my experience.
This site is so easy to use, each step is clearly outlined, the cd's come promptly, the prices are dirt cheap, and now I can afford to hear all those tunes I have been wanting for years, then swap then out for something else.
The sister site, PaperbackSwapdotcom is equally great.

In these painful economic times,replacing a lost collection of cds seemed impossible until I found swapcd.
Thank you to the generous members who included the case with the multi-disc requests, and thanks to the kindness of the members who patiently answer questions in the forums so us newbies can have a great swapping experience.
This is by far the most affordable and practically effortless place to share great music."

M. PBS D. (dixiegrrrrl) from MONROEVILLE, AL
"Fear of mailing CDs that seem so fragile????
I've been a member for a long time, but until recently I only ordered CDs, didn't send any out. (I transferred my book credits from PBS.) I was given a batch of CDs, posted them, and with fear and trembling started packaging and mailing them out. The packaging tips in the Help Center are excellent. I've mailed out 50 CDs so far, and none have arrived damaged. Special cases and double sets I send as packages; most go without the jewel case as letters for a dollar or less. If I can do it, I bet you can too. You may even get to educate a few Post Office staff members. Why not try it?"

Linda S. (thk) from WILLIAMSBURG, VA
"This place is great. It's like a used cd site at your fingertips. It's like going to Amoeba records on your computer, but better."
Craig W. (Craig) from MEMPHIS, TN
"I joined your club about six months ago and can't believe there are so many nuts like me out there. Very impressed at how well organized & easy to use & affordable your site is. And the choices--WOW! Also am pleasantly surprised at how clean the cds I'm getting are. This is my new fave music place. Keep on!"
"love this website! everybody should join this one and swapping dvds and books!"
"Navigation is intuitive, listings wide ranging, and users universally friendly and responsive. Have saved both cash and shelf space upon discovering the site."
Dale S. from BALTIMORE, MD
"This CD Trading website is AWESOME beyond belief!!!
There are endless cool features on SwapACD that really make CD Trading easy, lots of fun and (most importantly) AFFORDABLE! If you are paying $10 to $18 for one CD, that is just plain nuts! It is costing me less than $4 per CD here on SACD.
You can even choose whether you want All Art, some or none of the Album Art, unlike the nasty limitations some other CD trading sites force upon you! SwapACD haS A Killer set of CD search options including Genre, Keywords and 8 more criteria and sorting options on top of those. You can select an artist or band and then immediately SEE which out of all their albums you can get right now & which you will want to add to your Wish List. Prioritize the most wanted items on your Wish List to expedite the wait! Choose an album and the AMG content details and review show up right away. There are a full range of email notifications available to you.
OK, OK, I will sum it up in just three words... CHOICES! CHOICES! CHOICES!
Jump on in and GET SOME! Your only regret will be that you did not find out about SwapACD sooner!"

Brett H. (BlooZRocker)
"more or less cured my ebay addiction cuz its way cheaper to just trade cds. i LOVE this site!"
Derek J. (stabthefreak) from SAINT PAUL, MN
"This site is great! If you love music and sometimes go through phases of what you like from time to time, this is a great place that will save you money! And who doesn't need that these days? I posted some 80 CDs my first day and had to mail out at least 20! The cost of shipping is so worth it!
This site is also great if you list the inserts or just the disc - you can often find what you need to complete your collection! Sing up today! You have nothing to lose!"

Bridgette C. (thebridgeamit) from PORT HADLOCK, WA
"I've been a member of the book swap site for over a year, and have gotten many gifts that way. This is a great site, and there's a reason it gets all the great press it does. The books are always in good condition (CD's too), and people are really responsible enough to tell you when they have received the item and send you your credit. I've also gotten special books for friends that are really hard to find here, as well."
Rhonda M. from RIDGECREST, CA
"I heard about this site today and decided to give it a try. I'm tired of paying .99 cents for 1 song on itunes when I can get the whole album for .49 cents. I listed 15 CDs this morning and have 2 requests by 3pm. What a cool concept."
Laura H. (MsBlase) from OAK LAWN, IL
"I can't believe that I was looking for one CD and it sent me to this site & I've been thanking & kissing the ground thanking whoever was my CD Angel cause this place is for me
I've been swapping and ordering constantly and couldn't be
happier mailing music out & getting CD's in for me DAILY.
Music I've lost/forgoten about or surprisingly discovered here for the 1st time is giving me such listening please.
MY IPOD is getting a daily addition and filling up so well"

Eric L. from NEW BRITAIN, CT
"SACD is a fantastic site. It is a low cost way to collect new Cds while getting rid of those you no longer listen to. Almost everyone has those discs that they haven't listened to for months or maybe a year or more. I know I did. I was able to get new music for my old stuff at about $2.00 a transaction or less. You can't beat the price. I've sent out 26 discs in the three weeks I've been a member. And I got a bunch of really good music in return. What's even better is the more people that join the club the more discs there are to trade. This is truly a wonderful way to collect new music while weeding out your current collection. Thank you SACD for making getting new music so easy and affordable."
James J. (Kelpie) from MAUMELLE, AR
"I gave away about 50 cds at my garage sale this summer... had someone only told me about this site!!! :("
Chris C. from AKRON, NY
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