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How to Get CDs from SwapaCd
Free Stuff - 3/2/2010 by Ashroff Ali

How you ever wanted new cds? Have you ever wanted free CDs? How about new (to you anyway) and free CDs. Then SwapaCD is for you!

Things You'll Need:
Valid Email address
Valid USPS mailing address
CDs you are willing to swap
Step 1

CD player
The first thing you need to do is your registration. This is the step when you need to use your email and home address. The other thing you need to do is to come up with a user name. Have fun with your user name!

Step 2

CD Stereo
After you sign up, you need to post your original, playable CDs that you do not want to keep anymore on your CD Tower to offer to other members.

Step 3

Tons of CDs
After you put your first ten CDs on your CD tower you will get one gift credit to get you started on swapping CDs. When people ask for your CDs then you will get more credits by sending them the CDs.

Step 4

Many new CDs
You can order CDs from other users,if you want. It costs one credit per CD but some may cost more. If you want a CD that isn't available on the site then you can put it on your wish list and if someone puts that CD on their CD tower then the site will email you to tell you about it.

Step 5

Getting your CD
When someone requests a CD from you the site will notify you by email. They will also give you the address of the person and give you the wrapper to put the CD in and mail. You may also want to buy the postage from the site, to make it easier to mail.

Step 6

a CD
Wrap and mail the CD. Also when the person who requested the CD gets it in the mail you will earn one credit for you to use on any CD you want! Also when you get a CD you will get to keep it forever