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Trade In Your Old Cds For New Ones
Hub Pages - 3/7/2010 by Site 64

If you are a music lover then you're going to love the idea of online music swap sites and trading clubs!

The awesome idea behind these sites is to make it easy to swap the music CD's you're tired of, never wanted or just 'acquired' over the years (ex-boyfriends junk etc.) for new music CDs you do actually want for little more than the price of media mail postage.

That's right, you get to swap the CDs you hate for ones you might actually listen to! And don't think that you need top of the charts music to participate either, you'd be truly surprised at what people are looking for. One man's trash is another man's treasure as they say.

This is by far the best cd swapping website I have found for exchanging old unwanted music discs for something better.

At swapacd, you alsoget one free credit, which equates to you get a free CD of your choice from those available from other members in the CD club just for joining and listing your first 10 CDs available for trading.

This music exchange site works in what I consider to be the most common sense way of trading anything online. Here, you get one free credit after you have listed the first 10 albums you want to get rid of which means you can request an album off of someone else on the site immediately and check out how this kind of site works. After that, you receive more credits for each CD you send out which you can then use to request any of the 300,000+ albums, singles etc. available to be swapped in the online catalogue.

So, basically in exchange for giving away one of your CDs, you get to pick from 300,000 others for your collection. If your CD has more than one disc (e.g. it's a double album or a collection of some kind) then you get a credit per disc, so a three disc collection gets you three credits to spend. In addition, for further bargain hunting check out their forum in the category marked "Book Bazaar" where's you will find other users offering deals on their collections, often 2 or 3 CDs for 1 credit, allowing you to stretch your credits even further.

Swapacd is a great way to get free music for your ipod or mp3 player.

Join SwapaCD today