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THE 3 Rs - Reuse and Recycle, Lazy Ways to Reduce
Introduce Earth - 3/8/2010 by Josh Dorfman

The 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) is no longer simply a mantra for environmental activists, itís a ticket to saving you money while you consider the planet. The 3Rs ask you to buy less, reuse more, and recycle products at the end of their useful life-wonderful guiding principles for reducing our environmental footprint and bringing our lifestyles into balance with nature. But in practice, how many of us are really willing to cut back on the stuff we want to own, to reuse what weíd like to throw out, and to recycle when doing so is often incredibly inconvenient? Fortunately for budget-conscious Lazy Environmentalists, the 3Rs are receiving a twenty-first-century facelift, making them easy to implement and even easier on the wallet.

Reduce, the first of the 3Rs, releases you from the hassle, expense, and waste of unwanted stuff while helping you use less energy and create less trash. And while most of us canít imagine life without our most prized four-wheeled possession, the first place to embrace Reduce is with our cars. Thatís because our automobiles generate about half of our personal greenhouse gas emissions-the other half comes from our homes.
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