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Lifehacker - 3/13/2010 by Celeste27

Have books you know you won't read again? Want to trade for books you want? has a great way to get new books! Sign up and post 10 books (paperback, hardcover, OR audio), and they will give you two free credits to start. You can use those credits to request any book listed on the site! Thousands of members means that there is bound to be something you want, either to keep, or read and put back into the swap stream. The only cost to you is the postage for mailing one of YOUR books in response to a request. They even offer an electronic postage service, so you can print a book wrapper complete with postage from anywhere. As the site says, "Books you request are mailed to you free!" Be sure to check the club wishlist...your oddball books may be in demand! Partner sites and offer similar services to trade CDs and DVDs.