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Paperbackswap - The frugal book lovers dream come true
Frugal Living Examiner - 4/19/2010 by Marilyn Magee

Alas! Some brilliant person, namely Richard Pickering founder of PaperBackSwap, has come up with the solution for all of us book lovers to have all of the reading we want at our fingertips. With the stroke of a few keys, you can order books and even make a wish list.

Richard Pickering said, "we have over 4 Million books to choose from which makes us the largest book club in America and over 275,000 CD's and 155,000 DVD's. Our average family saves hundreds of dollars a year by swapping books, Cd's and DVDs through the US Mail - and they are FREE and yours to keep or swap again. To date, we have saved our members over $20 Million and growing! Plus, there is NO cost to become a member! The club is spreading the word and we have recently been featured in People Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Readers Digest and Good Housekeeping."

I called the founder, Mr.Pickering, to do a phone interview and was delighted to be granted my request to do some phone interviews with customers, below please find a couple of local Colorado residents who are delighted with the service and have given their comments:

Jessica Meisinger of Fort Collins, Colorado said: "I have been a customer for three of four years now and I really like the program, there are very few problems if any and you can try new books or authors without any risk. I really love that. The program really works and I have saved over $800.00 using it. I love to read and prefer the convenience of ordering what I want and getting it in the mail as opposed to going to the library and trying to find what I want. In fact, I don't even know where the library is. I think Paperbackswap is the perfect answer for people in small towns or locations where they do not have good used book stores.

John Merris said: " I have been a customer for about three years. I love the fact that the books have always been received in good shape. The site is user friendly and has all of the forms and postage on it. You can send by media mail and it is a little less expensive to mail your books out, a little over $2.00. We have probably saved at least a couple of thousand dollars, my wife and I are avid readers, being retired we thoroughly enjoy reading. I am a mystery lover and appreciate the wish list. You put your name and book on the wish list and first in, first out. So you just wait awhile and you will end up at the top of the list. You can keep the ones you want to keep and list the ones you want to send out. It works great for us and saves us money on gas too, since we don't have to drive all over town looking for the books we want. If there is a downside to Paperbackswap, it is that it is almost too big. They have millions of books on the shelf now, but other than that, I am completely satisfied and highly recommend it to others.

So there you have it, is definitely the way to go. In light of the fact that some libraries are being closed in certain parts of the country because of the economy, don't fret, just get online with

But, that is not all folks. They have a website for CD's and DVD's! This is sure to give Redbox a run for their money.