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Get Paid to Recycle! 15 Green Tips for the Lazy
NBC New - 4/22/2010 by Marisa Belger

As I work toward living a greener life, Iíve discovered that I not only possess a talent for organizing my familyís recycling ó blue bin, black bin, silver bin, glass, plastic, paper ó but Iíve also uncovered a flair for excuses. Iíve become highly adept at creating reasons why I canít make a wiser green choice. Sometimes itís convenience. Sometimes itís time. Often itís money.

In tough economic times itís been easier than ever to use financial constraints as an excuse for ignoring environmental concerns. But those days are gone ó thanks in large part to Josh Dorfman. The spokesman for lazy environmentalists everywhere, Dorfman has come up with simple ways to make choices that are easy on the environment and your wallet. Heís compiled those tips into his second book, ďThe Lazy Environmentalist on a BudgetĒ and in honor of Earth Day, has shared a list of his favorite ways to go green without breaking the bank. No more excuses.

11. CDs, DVDs and books: Swap, donít buy.
Now you can avoid buying new products (good for your wallet, great for the environment) without sacrificing your need for entertainment. Check out the following swapping sites for access to thousands of CDs, books and DVDs:

* ó Fans can access more than 130,000 available titles. Load in your own CD titles and join the community to starting earning credits. It costs 49 cents plus one credit and shipping to score a CD from another member.

* ó Movie collectors can trade both new and classic DVD titles. More than 58,000 titles are available, and the number is growing as more people discover the cost benefits of swapping DVDs.

* ó Bookworms can browse more than 2 million titles available for trade. Upload your own titles and send them to community members to earn credits. Use the credits to obtain books that you want. And itís not just paperbacks. Hardcover books are being swapped as well.